Industrial routers MicroSV

Introducing new model of industrial routers - MicroSV.5 from the Russian company CityNet. Devices have high fault tolerance, ease of integration and maintenance, as well as the presence of built-in sensors, all these factors provide high demand on the market, among this type of equipment.

The key for success of CityNet on the market is 19 years of hard work, unique human resource and intellectual resources, the accumulated experience and using own powerful and flexible technologies. Therefore, MicroSV devices takes a high share on the market of industrial routers.

Today, industrial routers by CityNet are actively used on the Russian market. Almost every ATM in Russia is equipped with Micro SV devices, which indicates the reliability and fault tolerance of the devices. MicroSV.5 routers by CityNet have an important feature - the possibility of connecting to the ATM monitoring service - called ATM Keeper.

ATM Keeper  is the monitoring system for ATM networks, from small regional to large federal ones.

The monitoring of ATM is performed according to a set of sensors approved by the client, which allows monitoring various parameters of the device, such as the presence of combustible gas inside the ATM, the temperature in the safe and technical zones, the slope angle, the intrusion, etc.

In the personal account you can monitor the status of all sensors on each ATM, and also receive prompt notifications about emergency situations. In addition, you can always download the necessary reports for any period of time. Also, ATM Keeper can be integrated into an internal systems of a Bank

More details about the service you can read here.