Emergency opening of ATMs

MST Company launches a new service - emergency opening of ATMs. To open an ATM multi-level security system, special knowledge and skills are required.

The main reasons why bank may need an emergency opening of an ATM:

  • forgotten code
  • lost key
  • damage of the ATM key
  • damage of ATM

In cases when equipment is not damaged, the ATM is opened with an endoscope, without damaging the lock and the safe. This procedure takes an average of 1-1.5 hours. If equipment is damaged because of vandalism or the mechanism of ATM is broken, due to non-observance of the operating conditions, then the doors of ATM are dismantled by grinder or by drilling the lock.

Despite the fact, that this service is new for our company, our staff consists of specialists with many years of experience who can be fully trusted. In all cases, the autopsy is performed in a way when banknotes inside the ATM are not damaged.

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