Distribution of Vanstone POS terminal equipment

MST company reports on signing of an official distribution with Vanstone company (Aisino brand) - one of the largest POS terminals producers. On 28 October 2019 MST company became a distributor of Vanstone equipment in Russia and in the CIS countries. As part of the agreement, MST will present a full range of equipment produced by the company in the Russian market - countertop, wireless, smart POS terminals, Pin-Pads and mPOS.

CEO of MST Maksim Bornovolokov comments the signed agreement: «The agreement with our partners from Vanstone is another Company's strategic step for entering the market of POS terminal equipment supplies. There are objective factors that manifest good perspectives for Vanstone in Russia. A number of models are integrated solutions that support all types of payment transactions, as well as allow using the equipment for work with non-banking operations. For example, delivery services can download travel orders, monitor the routes of couriers with a built-in GPS, identify customers with a built-in map.

We are confident that this cooperation will be mutually advantageous for both parties.»

Vanstone is an international company specializing in high-tech POS terminals production. Offering high-tech equipment, compared with other manufacturers, and most importantly more flexible and transparent pricing policy, more and more companies trust Vanstone.

MST company develops and implements various payment solutions for all business spheres. The Company's target areas are as follows: building of cross-platform software for POS terminals, development of ERP systems for transport, acquiring solutions for retail, as well as work with big data and neural networks.

Vanstone terminals line

Смарт-терминал Aisino A90

Aisino A90 Smart Terminal

Aisino A90 is a smart terminal based on the Andriod 5.1 operating system. The terminal has all necessary communication modules, such as GSM with 4G, Wi-Fi, as well as Bluetooth support. A90 is equipped with magnetic stripe card readers, smart cards, and a contactless reader.

Information is displayed on a large 5.5-inch touch screen ISP display with a 1280x720 pixels resolution. Presence of GPS/Glonass module and two cameras should be noted among the special features of the Aisino A90 terminal: 5-megapixel main and 2-megapixel front camera.

Смарт-терминал Aisino A70

Aisino A70 Smart Terminal

The terminal works under a modern Android 7.0 operating system. The terminal has readers for chip cards, magnetic stripe cards and cards with contactless payment technology to work with bank cards. Information is displayed on a 5-inch touch screen. Aisino A70 has a wide range of 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication modules. As well as impressive multimedia capabilities. The terminal is equipped with two cameras and a GPS module.

Мобильный POS-Терминал Aisino V71

Aisino V71 Wireless Terminal

Aisino V71 classic wireless terminal is a great solution for retail, shops, cafes, delivery services, as well as any transport projects. High-performance processor, as well as Wi-Fi and 3G support and simultaneous installation of two SIM-cards, provide instant payments. Aisino V71 takes all types of bank cards, including cards with contactless payment technology. At the request of the customer, it can be equipped with a touch screen and electronic signature support.

Мобильный POS-Терминал Aisino V72

Aisino V72 Wireless Terminal

Aisino V72 is the latest product innovation in the mobile payment market. This model is an ideological successor of the popular Aisino V71 model. The new model has a more modern and ergonomic design, as well as the ability to install a 1D/2D scanner for reading bar-codes. Aisino V72 is equipped with a bright 2.8-inch color TFT display, which provides excellent readability even in the sun. The terminal uses a GSM module, which can be supplemented with Wi-Fi to provide communication. Aisino V72 is a perfect solution for banks, shopping malls, hotels and delivery services.

Стационарный POS-Терминал Aisino V80se

Aisino V80se Countertop Terminal

Aisino V80se is an inexpensive stationary POS terminal, which has excellent functionality. Modern design and compact body in addition to high performance make Aisino V80se ideal for a network of shops, boutiques, bars, cafes, hairdressers, banks, insurance companies.

Aisino v80se payment terminal allows accepting bank cards with a magnetic stripe, chip cards, as well as cards with contactless payment technology. The connection to the bank is via the Ethernet interface. A color touch screen with a signature capture and an ergonomic keyboard makes it easy for both sellers and buyers to use the terminal.

Интеллектуальный Пин-Пад Aisino V37

Aisino V37 Pin-Pad

Aisino V37 programmable Pin-Pad is an excellent solution for retail outlets and loaded retail chains. This model supports bank cards with a magnetic stripe, chips, as well as cards with contactless payment technology. All information is displayed on a large 3.5-inch touch screen display. If necessary, the Pin-Pad can be equipped with a 2D scanner and a Wi-Fi module.

mPOS Терминал Aisino V39

Aisino V39 mPOS

Aisino V39 is a very compact and extremely stylish mPOS terminal that can be used both as an independent payment device and in conjunction with smart devices. With its small size, the terminal has a large set of communication capabilities, which include 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The device has a color touch screen for the most comfortable use. Favorable equipment and excellent look make Aisino V39 one of the most attractive terminals in its segment.

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