Courier bags for Russian Post

MST Company has completed the project for the Russian Post. There was necessity to design and produce courier bags for the most popular courier service in Russia

The main task was to create the bag with the special standards of Russian Post. The bag with same design and standards has been used by express-delivery service of Russian Post. The Old bag had some disadvantages, especially poor durability (very often the bag was broken for 1-2 month of active using). This durability is not corresponding to standard of Russian Post service and we had to suggest our own option.

The old version of bag had a plastic frame and fabric wears out on edges. Also fastenings and carbines frequently were broken, because of big load.

Our company prepared samples of the new bag with following customer preferences.

First of all, we chose oxford fabric for this project, because it has many advantages:

  • High durability
  • Dirt resistance
  • Temperature resistance , the fabric stays in good condition from -50 to +100 C

In addition to the fabric, our designers revised the carbine attachment system to increase the breaking load.

One of the wishes of the customer was a length-adjustable belt, which also was taken into account in the design process.

Another modification is a couple of additional pockets. One on the outside of the bag, and second one is an internal pocket for documents.

After making all the modifications and making a prototype, the new courier bag was handed over to the test operation at the Russian Post office in Yekaterinburg. After several days of testing, our bag was approved by Russian Post employees. After that, the first batch of courier bags was put into production, and it was delivered to the branches of Russian Post.