Cases for SZZT KS8223

SZZT KS8223 is a new shiny star on the world's market of POS equipment and today you can order our comfortable carrying cases for SZZT KS8223. According to the report from Nilson Report 2015, SZZT company takes 6th place among the manufacturers of POS-terminal equipment by the volume of shipment. KS8223 is a smart POS-terminal on the Android operating system, which has a large set of wireless interfaces, as well as readers for all types of cards. In addition, the SZZT KS8223 has a high-performance hardware and a large HD touchscreen.

All cases for SZZT KS8223 are made of Oxford cloth. Specialized Oxford 600 cloth is used for manufacturing of various tourist equipment like tents, backpacks, awnings etc. Also it is successfully used for shoes and bags, due to its high density and excellent water resistance. Moisture-repellent impregnation, in combination with polyurethane coating, provides excellent performance characteristics. Cases made of Oxford 600, have a high level of strength, as well as excellent form-stability and retain their properties for a long time.

We offer two versions of case, first one with an open screen, and the second one with a special hood serving to protect the display while you carrying your device. Like all our cases, these models have zippers for quick change of check tape without removing device from the case, as well as a zipper for quick access to the magnetic reader. SZZT KS8223 has a large capacity battery with a fast charging system and it is very convenient.And since we left the charging port open, you can always charge the device without removing the case. And of course our cases has two belts, one for fixing a terminal on your palm, and the second strap is removable and is designed to carry a terminal on the shoulder.

Case for SZZT KS8223, as well as a hooded case for SZZT KS8223, you can order in our online store. If you are buying more than 50 cases, you can order the embroidered logo of your company.