Cases for payment terminals

MST Company is constantly expanding its line of cases for POS-terminal equipment. Today in our online store you can buy cases for almost all popular models of POS-terminals.

All cases are manufactured on our own production line, which allows us to make changes in construction of cases. For example, we can open or close a specific port on the terminal, add an additional pocket for batteries, etc. We can also brand our cases by changing the color of the fabric or embroidering the logo. And of course, we can always develop new cases in accordance with the wishes of our customers.

When we design our cases, especially we pay attention on ease of use. All the port and connectors on the terminal are freely available, and the replacement of the check tape can be made as easily as without a case. With each case you can find a soulder strap with a length adjustment feature. You can easily unhook it, if necessary. Also on most cases, you can find a protection film or hood for protection of a keyboard and a screen from moisture and dust.

The main advantages, you will get after purchasing our cases

  • Protecting the device from environmental influences
  • High level of equipment protection against mechanical damage
  • Ease of use
  • An additional marketing effect with branding cases.

Here is some cases from our catalog: