Case for PAX A920

In the development of accessories, we are striving to cover as many models of equipment as possible, and this time our new development is the case for the terminal PAX A920. This model has proved itself well on the European and American markets. Thanks to a large touch screen, as well as the fact that a magnetic reader was removerd from the right side, the device looks very laconic. And if there is wasn't the receipt printer, the PAX A920 could easily be mistaken for another smartphone.

The main material of the case is Softshell fabric, which has proven itself in many areas. It is very pleasant to the touch, and also has a moisture-repellent and dirt-repellent properties. In addition, Softshell has very low weight, which gives even more comfort when you are using terminal. The screen of PAX A920 is closed with a special frost-resistant film, which remains elastic even under low temperature conditions.

Thу design of this case is differs from most of our cases, and main reason for this is the top location of a magnetic card reader. The magnetic reader became the main challenge in the development process, because in PAX A920 it is not located on the right side of device (as it usually happens), but directly above the compartment for a check tape. The task was successfully solved by two different zippers. One zipper is for fast change of a check tape, and the second one is to open a magnetic reader. And thanks to the exact observance of all sizes, the rigidity of the case was not affected.

The case for PAX A920 by MST Company has all the necessary functionality for comfortable use of a terminal.

  • Zipper for quick replacement receipt tape without removing the case.
  • Zipper for access to the magnetic card reader.
  • Technological recesses for using charging port and scanner without removing the case.
  • Wrist strap on the back side, for more reliable fixation of the device in your hand.
  • Shoulder strap for easy carrying of the device.

Cases for PAX A920, as well as for many other POS-terminals, you can find in our catalog. In addition, we sewing cases for data collection terminals, and other wearable devices.