Case for Castles Vega3000m

Almost every month, our company presents new cases for payment terminals. Another of our development was the case for mobile terminal Castles Vega3000. The model has a classic body for this type of terminals, with a magnetic card reader on the right, and a chip card reader on the bottom. The main challenge for Vega3000 was a privacy sheld, for a private typing of a pin code. Given the fact that this privacy shield is made of soft rubber, it does not give the necessary rigidity. Therefore, we were especially careful with the dimensions of the case, and also used three transverse slings, instead of the usual two.

Like many of our cases, this model is made of Softshell fabric, which has excellent operational quality. It has a high resistance to wear, and also does not allow moisture. The display of terminal and its function keys are covered with a frost-resistant film.

We've made a number of technical solutions, so that our customers can always comfortably use a terminal directly in the case. For example, zippers allows to get a quick access to the check tape compartment, as well as to the magnetic card reader. And thanks to special technological cutouts, all ports of the terminal are open for use at any time. Wrist strap on the back side, for more reliable fixation of the device in your hand. And of course with each our case you can find a shoulder strap for carrying your device.

Cases for Castles Vega3000 can be purchased in our online store, as well as many cases for other POS-terminals. If you did not find the necessary case in our catalog, we can design and produce a case for your individual order.