Carrying cases for Yarus company

MST Company in partnership with Yarus company has designed carrying case for Yarus M-2100. Carrying case was created special for one of the biggest logistic companies in the world. It was invented by the technical task with direct cooperation between companies. The First require was to design carrying cases which are possible to overcome huge exploitation load. For this aim our designers decided to use the Bonding fabric because it has a good durability.

Second task for MST Company’s specialists was to make an individual label from the left side, with a vehicle’s number. The label should have been on a case. It was necessary to see a vehicle’s number in the moment of using pos-terminal. Therefore, we’ve swapped Bonding fabric to transparencies. It’s a thick, freeze protectable material, which allows to seeing label with number clearly.

In our catalogue are represented carrying cases for Yarus M-2100 from the Soft-shell fabric and Bonding fabric. Moreover, we are ready to create carrying case for you individual.