Carrying case for PAX D200

MST Company has started to trade carrying cases for PAX D200. This mPOS-terminal is certified by PCI PED standard and is able to work every modern smart phone with Android and IOS operation system and to have wireless contact with it. (by Wi-FI or Bluetooth). Besides, there is opportunity of cashbox solution integration and especially in restaurant business. When your customer makes a payment all data is transferred from cashbox program to mPOS which exclude waiter’s mistakes.

The case contents all technical features and leaves magnet reader and usb connector for charging opened. The case includes two fasteners: for waist-belt and for shoulder strap. The design allows to pull out a terminal from the carrying case fast and handy if it’s necessary. As others our models of carrying cases this one allows to extend service time of your mPOS-terminal protecting it from physical damage and safe its appearance.

We have tested these cases, including the “falling by chance” test. PAX D200 was dropped by our engineers from 1.5 meters’ height and under different angles. With the carrying case PAXD200 is not only workable but haven’t got visible damage.

As always we can change the case by customer’s request. There is color changing, adding logo or full customizing of the carrying case for every wireless device.