Carrying Case for ModulKassa

MST Company along with ModulBank have developed the carrying case for the universal mobile cash register “ModulKassa”. Our carrying case was made of a strong stretch fabric Softshell which reliably protects the case from external factors and mechanical damage. Special attention was paid to the touch screen of the POS which is very easy to damage while using out of the cash desk, for example, during delivery. To ensure the safety of the “ModulKassa” screen, there is a “valve” (hood) on the front side of the case that completely closes the touch screen. While using the cash register, the valve gets pulled back and fixed via velcro fasteners.

“ModulKassa” is a universal device that is made to be used in different businesses. Along with the reliable protection, carrying case must have variety of other functions which are: access to the side controls of a cash register, carrying strap, barcode scanner box and short hand strap on the back, of course, zip at the top which allows you to instantly replace the thermal paper without removing the case.

All “ModulKassa” cases are branded in firm colors of ModulBank. This increases the brand-awareness or raises company’s image.

MST Company develops cases for various portable and stationary devices such as: payment terminals, on-line cash registers, fiscal registrars, bar code scanners and etc.