Why carrying cases are necessary for your pos-terminals

Payment terminal is an integral attribute of the modern trade and service outlet. Customers are much more likely to pay with their credit cards, as it's more convenient and faster. However, the constant use of payment terminals reduces the duration of their operability.

Cases of sloppy handling during operations are not uncommon. Most often, the failure occurs due to the falling of the payment terminal. Device breaks down, you have to replace it. This procedure is long, expensive and unnecessary.

Of course, we can not protect you from inaccurate buyers / sellers or just random incidents, but we can offer you an excellent solution of extending payment terminal’s lifetime. This is the Special Carrying Case.

Obvious benefits:

  • The carrying case increases the lifetime of the terminal. It protects your payment terminals from direct contact with client’s hand.
  • Some carrying cases such as Universal Case protect your payment terminal from the rapid discharge of the battery when it’s cold outside. This case is indispensable for those who have to work on the street in the cold season.
  • When falling, the cover takes part of the impact on itself. Your payment terminal will remain intact.
  • The shoulder belt makes it easier to carry a payment terminal.
  • You can brand carrying case with the logo of your company. You will look solid and serious.

MST Company develops high-quality carrying cases for payment terminals.

You can find them on our catalog.