Updating the software of MDB converter

To update the firmware, you need:

Step 1.

Connect the RS-232 cable from the PC to the MDB converter.

Step 2.

Connect the MDB cable to the MDB converter and turn on the power. The LED flashes quickly 3 times and lights up continuously - the module in the mode update the firmware.

Step 3.

Without delay on the PC, run the file “update mdb2pc.cmd” (as argumentsspecify the name of the firmware file, the COM port number that is used and the speed 115200). update mdb2pc_v1.02.bl -COM6 -115200

Step 4.

Wait for the update to complete.

How to find current version of the firmware

Step 1.

Connect the USB-COM cable from the PC to the MDB converter.

Step 2.

Start the “HyperTerminal” program on the PC: select the COM port number withcom- 2. munication parameters 115200, 8 bits, 1 stop, parity is not used.

Step 3.

Apply power to the MDB Converter.

In the terminal window the line with the version of the firmware and the values of the converter parameters will be displayed:

Step 4.

To change the parameters of the converter to the question “ENTER SETUP (Y / N)?” With- out delay (within 2 seconds), answer “Y” (the “Enter” key does not need to be pressed).

Next, enter the password “22222”

The following menu will be displayed:

Step 5.

Then, using numbers 1 to 5, select the parameter that you want to change:

Step 6.

Enter the new value for the parameter and press “Enter”. If the entered value is within the acceptable range, it will be saved.

To operate in MDB mode, the MODE parameter must be set to «0».

  • version P0: DECIMAL PLACES=0; SCALE=1
  • version P2: DECIMAL PLACES=2; SCALE=100

For seats (PULSE mode), the parameter MODE = 2