Types of payment terminals

This article was made to introduce you every possible type of payment terminals and their difference.

There are two kinds of terminals based on integration with cash register’ software: Standalone payment terminals and Integrated payment terminals.

Standalone payment terminals

Standalone terminal represents itself as an “independent” device that does not connect with cash register’ software. This kind contains readers of magnetic and chip cards, digital pin-keyboard and cheque printer. Some newer ones have contactless reader. You can tell that standalone terminal is a fully-independent device that can provide you with all necessary operations.

Standalone payment terminals can also be divided into 2 types: countertop and wireless ones.

Countertop terminals do not have an autonomous power supply. These terminals are often used in trade outlets, because there is no need of payment terminal’s mobility. They are installed beside a cashbox where you get paid off.

Wireless terminals work through Dial-Up, Ethernet, GPRS or connected to a PC via USB or RS232. In that case you are using a connection to a PC, that requires you to set up an additional communication software.

These terminals are :

  • VeriFone VX510
  • VeriFone VX520
  • Ingenico ICT220
  • Ingenico ICT250
  • PAX S80.

Standalone terminals VeriFone

Standalone terminals PAX

Standalone terminals Ingenico

Wireless terminals have a built-in battery that allows you to use it at the cafe, taxi, delivery service or regional trips. You can also use them as stationary ones. They predominantly work via GPRS variation that requires a SIM-card, Wi-Fi or less often Bluetooth. The most mobile variant of a wireless terminal works via cellular, while Wi-Fi and Bluetooth terminals are tied to a Wi-Fi access point or a Bluetooth base.

Wireless terminals are

  • VeriFone VX510 GPRS
  • VeriFone VX610 GPRS
  • VeriFone VX520 GPRS
  • VeriFone VX670 GPRS/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
  • VeriFone VX675 GPRS
  • VeriFone VX680 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
  • Pax S90
  • Ingenico IWL 220
  • Ingenico IWL 250

Integrated payment terminals

Integrated terminals (pin-pads, pin keyboards) work with cashier’s software.

Pin keyboard is used only for reading cards and entering pin-codes. Cheque prints via fiscal cashier’s printer.

Interaction scheme of Cashier’s software, Bank’s software and payment terminal:

  1. Cashier chooses type of an operation and a sum in a Cashier’s software.
  2. Cashier’s software forms a request and sends it to a Bank’s software library.
  3. Bank’s software transfers command to a pin-pad.
  4. Pin-pad reads a card and if necessary a pin-code is being entered.
  5. Then there is a data exchange between Bank’s software and bank’s server.
  6. Cahier’s software receives an answer from a Bank’s software and if an operation was successful, it goes to a database of a cashier’s software and cheques are being printed.

Integrated terminals are:

  • VeriFone VX805
  • VeriFone VX810
  • VeriFone VX820
  • Ingenico IPP320
  • Ingenico IPP350
  • Ingenico ISC250
  • PAX SP30

Pin-pads can be connected to a cash register via different ways: COM, USB and less often ETHERNET.

If pin-pad has a cantactless reader, additional supply source must be attached in order to connect to a cash register. Terminal will restart if supply source was not attached while payment processing. We recommend you to have a power supply unit, because terminals connected via USB are inclined to turn off.

In a rare cases standalone terminals are using as integrated terminals. For example, you can use Ingenico IWL 220/250 Bluetooth as a portable pin keyboard. This kind of example is a common thing at different cafes and restaurants.

Pin-keyboards VeriFone

Pin-keyboards PAX

Pin-keyboards Ingenico

Vending Eqipment

This kind of equipment consists of separated functional devices: pin-keyboards, card-readers, cantactless readers, which make a full payment device in complex. 24-hours gas stations, ticket offices, parking payments cannot exist without this kind of a terminals.

Embedded reader and a pin-keyboard


Another type of equipment which can be related to a payment terminal – mPOS. Its fast-growing popularity is not a surprise thing. Light and miniature design makes you enjoy your payment processing. Bank card’s reader connects with a mobile device via 3,5 mini jack, USB, Bluetooth. iOS and Android phones must have an installed application for bank’s payments, its processing and transferring requests.

mPOS terminal PAX D200