Time to start accepting bank cards on an airplane board

Famous American comedian Louis C.K. in one of his shows remembers: “When I was young, we had a disc phone. We had to stand beside in order to dial. Imagine how primitive it was! You will sob! People with zeros were especially annoying… And what if you didn’t have cash – you would have needed to go to a bank that worked… maybe three hours, stand in the queue…

And if you ran out of money - you would have thought: “Well… It’s nothing I can do about”. And look at me now. I’m flying on an airplane that has high-speed Internet on board and they tell that I can open and use my laptop…”

There are lots of airlines that offer you different goods and services on a plane’s board now. While having a flight, you’re eager to buy anything what you see there. And they have a lot: earphones, watches, drinks, food and souvenirs.

But you and me have already got used to an active using of a bank card. There can’t be always the right amount of cash to pay for something that really catches your eye. What to do then?

MST Company is ready to launch this kind of service. We will make e-payments on board the reality, so that you could easily pay with your bank card while flying on the plane. Only few Russian Airlines provide this service.

The idea of creating such service was originated while we were looking for the new acquiring marketplace. For its implementation, we had to thoroughly study the normative base, develop the flight attendants' work scripts, create their training program and refine the JoinPOS software for the payment terminals and test their work. Let’s talk about the last point in detail…

If an airplane had all necessary equipment to provide access to the Internet, then for the most part, there would have been nothing to talk about. In fact, it was enough to install a classic “ground-based” trade acquiring decision, but it would have taken serious investment, which is not even expected in the near future. So, we are going to “drive” our transactions offline instead.​

  • We used a stop-list technology. During the flight, all operations are retained in a payment terminal, and after a landing, all offline operations that were carried out on board are being processed.
  • The mode of servicing international cards has been revised. In the "Cancel" operation, the terminal "discards" the offline operation from the control tape. As a result, there will be no transaction - neither direct nor reverse.
  • The client identification determinates by several parameters (flight number, flight date, boarding pass seat).
  • The possibility of serving several legal entities, goods and services is created on payment terminals.
  • Purchase limit is set during the flight for one card.

The result was worth the effort. MST Company is now ready to implement the service of bank cards payments in the shortest time and on board of any airline.