The cleaning process of Wincor Nixdorf ATMs

The client of any bank today is interested in the reliability of financial transactions on self-service devices. The opinion about a particular bank consist of a number of parameters. And a important role is played by the external and technical condition of ATMs.

Banks today more and more often using sevice of a cleaning companies, which, for quite reasonable rewards, are able to conduct high-quality maintenance of self-service devices. Of course, it's better to entrust such operations to professionals, and in order to distinguish professionals from those who want to earn extra money, it is necessary at least approximately know a list of possible cleaning services and the principles of their implementation.

Let's take a close look to the cleaning process for Wincor Nixdorf ATMs (in general, it is true for most other modern models).

  1. Cleaning the fans by blowing compressed air through the ventilation slots. It is necessary to perform this operation for the PC unit, heater and power supply.
  2. Using compressed air, remove dust from the card reader. Then, using a special cleaning card and software, clean the magnetic head. With a long cleaning strip, you also need to clean the optical sensors and contacts. After all the procedures, test the card reader for operability.
  3. Carry out maintenance of the ATM display. Just clean the surface of a monitor and protective glass, with a special anti-static wipes.
  4. Check a PIN keyboard, soft keys and EPP with a special software.
  5. To clean the check and journal printers, you should remove dust, as well as paper debris, using compressed air, and make a tests.
  6. When servicing the EDM, first of all, check the fastening of all connectors. It is important to remember that the lithium battery lifetime is about 5 years, after this period it must be replaced.
  7. You should also clean the dispenser, using compressed air. Carefully clean all prisms and photosensors from the dust. Using a special cleaning fluid, treat the rollers. Wiping of transport belts should be carried out with wet napkins. Next, you need a make a software test of the module, as well as the test of a safety sensor.
  8. When you're servicing the cassettes, it is important to manually check the mechanism responsible for feeding banknotes. Then remove foreign objects and dust from the cassettes.
  9. Using a special test mode of the thermostat, check the operation of the heating unit.
  10. Carry out maintenance of the floppy drive. You need to remove foreign objects and dust from the inside of the compartment.
  11. Conduct a general inspection, setup and cleaning of other components of the ATM.
  12. Clean of the outer part of the device (from dirt, inscriptions, etc.).

Thus, knowing the above procedures, you can always check the quality of the cleaning company executor.