Terminal stands. Obvious benefits.

It is common thing for an interface cable or a powewrcord cable to break down as terminal’s equipment is being exploited. Especially, if terminal’s equipment integrates with company’s cash register (supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations). Cashier moves POS-terminal or a PIN keyboard from place to place, cable gets twisted and then wears out. Bank service workers have to change it. Average cost of a 1 cable spreads from 10 to 30 USD.

Sometimes terminal’s equipment can get you in trouble too. For example, if terminal or pin-pad is not attached well to table. It can lead to destruction as equipment may fall down.

Downtime on a trade outlet, caused by malfunction of an equipment, increases risk of losing reputation and even purchase refusal.

Solution is on the surface. You simply need to equip your payment terminal with stand.


  • Terminal’s cable is hidden inside of a stand and derives through the channel at its base so that you could move your equipment without any troubles and risks of a cable destruction.
  • Terminal attaches to a stand with a key or a fixture so that there is no possibility of it being stolen or fallen down.
  • It provides you with protection from any occasional incidents that could happen to a terminal.
  • Trade outlets always take its payments by credit cards. You could raise your client’s loyalty by using terminal’s stand.

According to a results of a survey there is a huge demand for a terminal’s stand among large sales networks because it is always a common trouble with twisted and damaged cables.

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