Process optimization of the accounting of SIM-cards installed in POS-Terminals

The functionality of self-service devices’ (ATMs, I-transaction terminals) and POS-Terminals equipment maintenance servicing usually includes an annual inventory of the equipment. Many of you who read this article have surely participated in the bank’s inventory process. But, I think only few of you have made the inventory of SIM-cards in POS-Terminals and self-service devices. Why do we need to know exactly where each SIM-card is?

  • Firstly, to identify SIM-cards that are not used or not installed in a device. They can be withdrawn out of the contract with the cellular communication operator. This could really save you a fortune considering that there is a monthly fee on each of SIM-cards.
  • Secondly, for the correct division of costs by units, in accordance with requirements of economists and accounting services. It will successfully affect the results of compilation of the annual estimate. It will be more accurate.
  • Thirdly, for the prompt avoiding of incidents with the cellular communication operators. In case of the local or large-scale problem, the operator must provide the subscriber's number on which there are problems and the address of the location of the SIM-card in order to locate the problem. This significantly accelerates the service restoration.

When we are servicing acquiring networks, we often see that the only source of information about the location of SIM-cards is "transfer receipt certificate", which is made when the terminal is being installed at a trade and service outlet, or "act of commissioning" of a self-service device. In this case, the process of SIM-card’s inventory requires considerable efforts: it is necessary to visit each trade and service outlet and output the data from each unit and transfer it to the bank’s accounting services.

In addition, regular equipment exchange in case of malfunctions, the move of trade and service outlets or opening of the new stores can lead to errors in the process of accounting of SIM-cards location.

As a resulted, updated data was no longer valid. Something has to be done with it. And we have the Solution for you.

What to do?

We have discovered the possibility of automatic information receiving of SIM-card’s location.

The technology implementation of data collecting was carried out in 2 stages.

At the first stage of work, the script of the POS-terminal software was developed, which processes GSM-modem diagnostic. Then, FrontLineSMS software was implemented for aggregation of the SMS traffic sent by POS-terminals. But it did not fully solve the problem itself - the information obtained by FrontLineSMS was not enough to determine location of the POS terminal and the SIM-card in it.

In order to create the final report, it is necessary to reconcile the FrontlineSMS data with the equipment registered in the processing center.

The corresponding script was developed at the second stage of work for this. This script analyzes all reports generated by FrontlineSMS on the basis of SMS received from POS-terminals, then collates the updated information on SIM-cards with the processing system data.

The report including number of the SIM-card, POS-terminal’s registration and the address of the installation site is generated as a result. It takes less than 2 minutes now to make an inventory and get the correct report on couple of thousands of SIM-cards.

What is in conclusion?

Calculations have shown that the economic profit of the project reaches 35 thousands of dollars. The data of the received report allow to reconcile all technological SIM-cards under the concluded contracts with cellular communication operators.