Payment terminal 3G vs GPRS

It is not the first time when payment terminal’s equipment vendors produce 3G generation devices, and in the meantime bank’s acquiring network predominantly works via GPRS.

We found question of a great interest: do 3G-based devices come in any compare with GPRS-based ones? Can Bank wrap a 3G terminal in golden package and offer us “The fastest POS terminal” or are there any other factors of choosing 3G over GPRS terminals?

We took two standalone wireless terminals: VeriFone VX670 GPRS and Ingenico IWL250 3G working via cellular.

We used one of the biggest mobile network operator as a link.

Our test was based on measuring time of the remote boot of the same version of software and the speed of basic operations, requiring communication with processing. The connection time was not included.

We have got the following stats after several tests:

Model Time of the remote boot Operation time Payment/cancellation/results
Ingenico IWL250 3G 2:07 4-5 sec
Verifone Vx-670 GPRS 10:14 4-5 sec

As you can see, VX670 GPRS’ time of the remote boot is more than 10 minutes meanwhile IWL250 3G’ is only about 2 minutes. Such wise, difference of time of the remote boot is roughly 10 minutes. Precisely speaking, IWL250 3G is faster than VX670 GPRS more than five times. An impressive result, isn’t it?

We checked our terminals’ time of the main operations( “payment” “cancellation” and “results”) after remote boot. Both terminals showed about 4-5 seconds.

Operation’s speed is not always a link speed thing. It depends on cellular quality, terminal’s location, speed of software installed on terminal.

It is obvious that 3G terminals have a significant sense only when you are transferring a large amount of data. A single transaction is 150-200 bytes; 95 % of the time you will not see any difference.

The results:

  1. 3G provides a greater speed, but difference of the financial transactions is minimal.
  2. 3G gives you stability and signal quality in the thick of the cellar users crowd.

You can really tell that 3G terminals are major to GPRS terminals.