Not cutting paper on NCR check printer

Symptoms of malfunction

When ATM is printing a check or a test picture, you can notice that the paper is uncutted approximately on 3 or 4 mm. At the same time, the printed check is detached by the mechanism for sending a check to a customer. However, sometimes you can see the situation when, the cutting process does not occur and the check remains inside the ATM. In this case, the system registers a check printer error.


The knife is a pair of scissors with a fixed upper and movable lower parts. In the cutting process, the lower knife rotates around its axis and passing very tightly with the upper knife, as a result a paper is cutting off.

If this fault occurs, the lower blade doesn't turn over, and as a result the paper became uncutted. The drive of the lower knife is a connecting rod, one end of the rod is fixed on a plastic gear, and the other on the knife itself. The bushing, connecting this some kind of a "connecting rod" with the gear, for various reasons, comes out of the hole in the gear, resulting in a slight backlash, the consequence of which is the reduction of the stroke of the lower knife.


Step 1.

Turn-off the ATM.

Step 2.

Detach the printer from the base, unscrewing the four screws (Pic 1, Pic 2).

Pic 1: Right view. Mounting screws.

Pic 2: Left view. Mounting screws.

Step 3.

Unscrew the self-tapping screws securing the right cover and remove it. Warning! Watch the springs!

Step 4.

The root of evil - on Pic. 3 and Pic. 4.

Pic 3.

Pic 4.

Step 5.

You can simply insert the bushing into place and assemble everything back. But it is advisable to drop a bit of glue so that the bushing is fixed in the seating hole. The correct position of the bushing can be seen on Pic. 5.

Pic 5.

That is all. Now we need to assemble everything in the reverse order, then switch on the ATM, test, and leave.