Instructions for the replacement of TermoFuse on NCR Personas 5887

Due to the cold weather and the increasing number of idle incidence on NCR Personas 5887 because of a blown thermo fuse, we have prepared a small and understandable instruction on how to change themo fuse. Repair does not require specialized knowledge and skills, so it is quite possible to do it yourself - having spent a minimum of time on repairing the ATM.

To restore the efficiency of the thermo gun, we need a new TermoFuse in the range of 105-115 degrees with a load of 8-10 amperes, which can be purchased at radio-parts stores.

Step 1.

Для того чтобы получить доступ к TermoFuse нам необходимо открутить и демонтировать крыльчатку.

Step 2.

We unscrew the nuts fastening the impeller.

The nuts of impeller are unscrewed.

Step 3.

Next, unscrew the last fixing screw that is on the end face.

Step 4.

Using a flat screwdriver we deduce an impeller from the bottom fastening.

Step 5.

Gently, without damaging the wires, take the impeller aside.

If disassembly is performed for the first time, then it is necessary to release the wires fixed by the nylon screed.

Step 6.

Remove the impeller from the dust with a brush or an atmospheric compressor (which is more preferable).

Step 7.

Now, clean the coarse filter from the dust with a brush or an atmospheric compressor (which is more preferable).

Step 8.

Remove the blown TermoFuse.

Step 9.

And solder the new TermoFuse into the contact group. It's VERY IMPORTANT do not overheat the thermal fuse during soldering, and all you need is to remove heat with a necessary tools.

Step 10.

Before installing the impeller, we connect the power for a couple of seconds to check the operation of the unit, after that we assemble everything in the reverse order.