How to improve the quality of servicing of the bank’s VIP-clients

Some operations with the use of a bank card in the banking branch network requires customers to turn a cash register, for example - the installation of a pin-code on the newly produced card.

But what solution should we suggest for VIP-clients? Such clients require an individual approach, confidentiality and high-level servicing. As a rule, all services are provided at the personal meeting rooms, which are not always equipped with a cash desk.

We have developed the technical solution that allows to serve customers without having to visit cash register site. Now all bank card operations can be done within negotiation room.

Due to the implemented solution based on using payment terminal BITEL IC3500 Wireless, Bank’s employee performs all necessary operations directly at his workplace or in the negotiation room. If earlier clients had to be in the cash register zone to confirm the transaction, then today employees are able to serve clients with bank cards without leaving the meeting room - a wireless terminal that interacts with the base at the maximum distance of 20 meters gets transferred to a client.

The technology works as follows: BITEL IC3500 Wireless connects to a bank employee’s personal computer and emulates a virtual com-port when working with it. In its turn, BITEL IC3500 is working in the “pin-pad” mode, so Bank’s software recognizes it as a conventional wired pin-pad.

This is the second project implemented this year. We have already developed bank card payment on board of an Airplane solution based on our software JoinPOS. And this particular project is aimed at improving of a bank’s clients servicing. We hope that this project will be useful for many credit and financial institutions.