Dock-stations for payment terminals

A bar, restaurant, cafe or any catering facility that serves customers directly at the table, often uses a wireless payment terminals to read bank cards. First of all, it is convenient for the clients.

The payment usually goes through bank’s payment terminal as follows:

  1. The waiter clarifies how the visitor will pay, in cash or by card.
  2. If payment will be made by a card the waiter has to take his terminal from a cash register’ zone.
  3. The operation is being performed on the payment terminal.
  4. Payment terminal goes back to a cash-register’ zone.

Considering that wireless terminals are equipped with accumulator batteries, you always need to maintain the charge of the batteries. A terminal constantly reconnects to a power supply while making a payment.

This can lead to a premature wear of the connector and also to a breakdown of the payment terminal.

In order to exclude the possibility of such malfunction, it is recommended for the POS-terminal to be used with a dock-station that can be located on a table or be wall-mounted (depends on type of the dock-station).

So that, power supply unit connects straight to a dock-station, and battery is being charged only if attached to it.

Dock-station can be divided into two types:

  1. Standard
  2. Full-featured

Standard dock-stations

Standard dock-station is designed only for payment terminal’s battery’ charging. It does not have external ports, but sometimes it has a charging status indicator.

Full-featured dock-stations

Full-featured dock-station allows you to charge payment terminal’s battery and it’s complementary battery (depends on modification). In addition, it has different USB connectors, RJ-45, and also equipped with Bluetooth. There are also power indicators and charging status indicators.

We recommend you to use dock-station with a wireless payment terminal. It will significantly extend the lifetime of it’s equipment.

There are some various dock-stations for different POS-terminals in our catalog: