Connecting Pin-Pad via Ethernet

Sometimes there are no spare COM/USB ports to connect Pin-Pad to a POS-system. This could happen for different reasons:

  • An old POS-system, in which there are initially few expansion ports.
  • Many different additional devices are connected, for example: customer display, cash box, scanner and etc.

In this case there are two ways to solve this problem: install a port expansion card or use a Pin-Pad without a physical connection to a POS-system. Let’s talk about the second way in more detail.

Also, this solution meets the modern PCI DSS standard. So, Let’s roll.

We will need two devices - the Pin-Pad itself, for example: VeriFone VX820 and multi-port Ethernet / USB / RS232 cable for VeriFone Vx820.

All parameters are installed directly into the VeriFone VX820 itself, logic of the operation is located in the Pin-Pad, so that there is only an auxiliary program in a cash machine, which is responsible for:

  • Giving Pin-Pad a command to execute the payment received from a cash register machine;
  • Processing the authorization request received from a Pin-Pad;
  • Passing to a Pin-Pad processing response;
  • Taking an error code and the image of a cheque received from a Pin-Pad in order to return them to a cash machine software.

Considering that all the logic is transferred to a Pin-Pad - this could be decisive for cash register machine that suffers from a lack of free memory. The size of an auxiliary program is not more than 60 KB.

But that is not all, the most interesting is that Pin-Pad and cash register machine are not physically connected with each other. The connection is set via ETHERNET by a multi-port Ethernet / USB / RS232 cable using a “thick” client technology running on MS DOS or another OS. The same auxiliary program refers to a Pin-Pad on the network. In fact, every Pin-Pad has its own IP and every cash register refers to its “own” Pin-Pad while processing of the request.

So that, the implementation of the project under this scheme significantly increases the availability of trade acquiring services in the trade network, which ensures a high SLA.

VeriFone VX820 + multiport cable is used as an example, similar scheme can be built with other manufacturers such as BITEL, Ingenico and others.