2 sim-card in the acquiring in Sochi-2014

It’s not a secret, that at the moment many terminals are located in Sochi, for development maximum number of points in the sphere of services and sales of bank cards accepting for payment, and a specially created functional group "Banking Services" checks their work at sites.

As known North-West GSM (as Rostelecom) has become telecommunications sponsor of Sochi-2014 in early 2009 and now spreads its LTE network, but it is not guarantee stable communication- traffic in the network is unpredictable all time and be able to reach your maximum capacity in no time. This can effect on work’s quality of payment terminals.

The Verifone company has presented its new VX 680 in time. This terminal has different options. New model VX680 has 2 slots for sim-card and in additional has UMTS/HSPA+ interface. It’s good solution for Sochi-2014

Using Vx680 2 sim UMTS/HSPA+ by banks not only helps to develop payment’s network in The Olympic game’s time but can increase availability of the acquiring service in Points of sale by POS communicational channels reserve.