Crossplatform software for payment terminals

JoinPOS is a universal cross-platform software for payments terminals, which supports a set of all necessary financial and administrative functions. Regular updates of JoinPOS, allow us to take into account all the needs of our customers.

We are developing truly comprehensive and versatile software that will allow you to work with exactly the models that you like.

In addition to our software, we offer the system for remote management of terminals called JoinCORE.

This system allows you to remotely load settings, software updates, stop-lists and other types of information in the terminals.

Also, the JoinCORE system allows you to record in the database all messages coming from terminals or outgoing to terminals, monitor their activity and performance.

All you need

Payment / Cancellation of payment

Block an amount on the client's card

Reconciliation results with a bank

Security key loading

Remote config loading

Writing and downloading logs

And dozens of other functions, even in the basic configuration.